Power in Relationships attempts to address just about every aspect of relationships, from “Attitude” to “Zeal” and everything in between.  It is about the power in relationships between different genders, political parties and the American public, and people of different ethnicities and religions. Since I cannot change the laws of this land, I decided to write a book that is for the most part easy to read and understand in the hopes of changing the direction and focus of young people and adults in their personal and professional relationships.


There is no denying I have strong opinions on many subjects.  However, whether or not you agree with me, please know that these opinions are well thought-out and I mean no harm by them.  It has never been my intention to complain, but to explained.  The objective of this book is to help, not hinder.  It was written in the spirit of love, not hate, and the message is meant to bring hope, not despair.


So, here you have it in print.  Please enjoy.


– Matthan Jackson